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Agrino: New series of Greek Pulses!


Loyal to its commitment to support and promote the efforts of Greek producers, AGRINO S.A. introduces the first references of its new Greek Pulse range to the Market. Fava beans from Feneo-Corinth, Small Lentils from Farsala, Elephant-Butter Beans from P.G.M. Kastoria, as well as Hulled Wheat of Thiva.


Reviving pulse production in Greece is a strategic priority for AGRINO and it is implemented through close and continuous cooperation with Greek cultivators.  The aim of this effort is to contribute in meeting daily needs and expectations of the modern consumer for a better and more balanced lifestyle: proper nutrition, good health and good physical condition.


AGRINO is a leader and is becoming the only Company that displays the producer’s name and the place of cultivation on its products packages, responding in this way to the expectations for safe and high quality Greek products.

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