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Greek Organic Olive Oil positioned at “SPAR” super market chain in Austria


We are very pleased to inform you that our Agency has reached an annual agreement for the sale of 250 tons of Greek ORGANIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil by NUTRIA S.A., through cooperation thereof with the importing company TRIENON GmbH. The product will be covered on a nationwide basis in the Austrian market, via the noted “SPAR” Chain of Super Markets.

The annual contract has already been in effect since the beginning of May of the current year and regards round glass DORICA 500ml bottles.


The cooperation between AEGEAN INTERTRADE CO. and TRIENON GmbH promises many more successes in the German and Austrian Market, as well as in many other markets of Central and Eastern Europe, where TRIENON has had a consistent presence for many years.

This success shows the prospects that emerge in the “own label” market, in which AEGEAN INTERTRADE CO has been transacting for more than 20 years.

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