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What is a pastry sheet?

It is a thin or thick pastry that is used to prepare different kinds of pies (cheese pies, spinach pies, herb pies, etc.), but also to prepare traditional Greek desserts (galaktoboureko, baklava, etc.).

What kind of pastries are there?

• Crust pastry (for sweet and savoury recipes)
A thin pastry sheet made of high quality flour. Elastic and malleable, it can take different shapes. When baked, it becomes crunchy and golden-brown, offering a discrete flavour with its delicious filling. Its used both for cooking and preparing confectionaries.

• Traditional pastry (for pies).
Thick pastry sheet made of high quality flour that has the texture of a traditionally kneaded pastry sheet. When baked, it becomes deliciously crunchy. The Traditional Pastry is used for country pies, but also in other recipes.

• Beirut type Pastry (for syrupy sweets).
Exceptionally thin pastry sheet of selected flour, sheep’s butter and eggs. Its thinness, combined with butter and eggs, makes it very puffy and golden brown when baked and helps absorb the syrup. It is suitable for galaktomboureko, baklava, saraglaki, folies and all types of baked syrup sweets.

With what pastry is Kataifi made?

A specific pastry for kataifi is used: thin and elastic pastry threads for sweet and savoury recipes. Apart from the traditional kataifi, these threads can be used to prepare ekmek and they can even be used in savoury creations, for cheese fillings, shrimps and cured meats.

What is sfogliata?

Sfogliata is a specially designed puffy pastry, made of selected flour and vegetable fat which, when baked, rises forming layers of very thin sheets. It is suitable for savoury and sweet pies, but also for puff tarts, both sweet and salty, for croissants, pastry cones, strudels and millefeuilles and for your own cooking and confectionary creations

What kinds of dough are there?

• Sour-dough
This is puffy dough that rises in the oven and in the frying pan. Sour-dough is suitable for pizza, penirli, calzone, and many more recipes. It is baked, and because of its leaven, it rises and becomes puffy. It is kneaded with olive oil which gives it a rich flavour and highlights the deliciousness of the ingredients that it is served with.

• Kourou Dough
Kourou dough is a specially designed crunchy dough, made of selected flour and vegetable fats. When baked, it does not rise, but becomes crunchy and as delicious as a biscuit. It is suitable for savoury and sweet pies, but also for fluffy tarts, both sweet and savoury, for Quiche Lorraine and for your own cooking and confectionary creations.


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