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Greek Coffee & Frappe
What is Greek coffee?

Greek coffee is the name that has been given to the coffee that is drunk more than any other coffee in many parts of the East Mediterranean, Middle-East, Balkans and North Africa.

This coffee has different names, depending on the country. In countries were there isn’t a great consumption, it is called “Turkish Coffee”, as it is called in Turkey. In the past, it was exclusively known in Greece also by this name. During the second half of the 20th century, its name was changed to “Greek coffee”. This change was for ideological-political reasons and was promoted through advertisements by a large Greek coffee processing company.

How is Greek coffee prepared?

The basic utensil to prepare Greek coffee is the “briki” (small coffee pot) in which the mixture of water (75ml), coffee and sugar must (nearly) boil and should be stirred in the beginning with a teaspoon.

What is the kaimaki in coffee?

Another of its characteristics is the kaimaki, a thick cream that forms while the coffee is boiling. Greek coffee is considered to have been successfully prepared when the kaimaki remains while the coffee is served. It is served in a small or thick (coffee) cup.
Other names, such as “heavy sweet” or “very heavy” or “heavy sweet and not” refer to the success of forming a kaimaki by raising and lowering the briki while pouring the coffee into the cup.

Plain, medium or sweet?

• Plain (75 ml water + 1 teaspoon coffee)
• Medium (75ml water + 1 teaspoon coffee + 1 teaspoon sugar)
• Sweet (75ml water + 1 teaspoon coffee + 2 teaspoons sugar)
The dosages in double coffee are simply doubled.

With what can we serve our coffee?

Coffee can be ideally served with traditional spoon sweets, cookies, pastelli and halvas.

What is Frappe coffee? How was it invented?

Frappe coffee is a Greek concept of a frothy beverage. Its basic ingredients are instant coffee, sugar and water. Its was accidentally invented in 1957 by Dimitrios Vakondios during an International Exhibition at Thessaloniki. The representative of the Swiss NESTLE company in Greece, Giannis Dristas, was presenting a new product for children, which was a chocolate beverage that could be prepared instantly by mixing milk and shaking it in a shaker. Dimitrios Vakondios, employee of Dritsas, used to drink Nescafe, which is an instant coffee produced by NESTLE. During a break at the exhibition, he wanted to drink coffee, but because there wasn’t any hot water, he thought of using the shaker to prepare his coffee with cold water. He mixed coffee, sugar and water, shook it and created the first ever Frappe coffee in history.

How is Frappe coffee made?

The ingredients of Frappe Coffee are instant coffee, water and sugar and/or milk optionally. Frappe coffee is characterised as “black”, “medium” or “sweet” depending on the proportions of its ingredients. It is prepared by placing the desired amount of coffee and/or sugar in a tall glass or a shaker. After 1cm of water has been added, the mixture is manually shaken in a shaker or with an electrical shaker until froth has formed. Ice and water are then added and milk optionally. It is served and drunk with a straw.


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