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What is ouzo?

Ouzo is a traditional alcohol extract of rural origin, combined with aromatic herbs. It is an exclusively Greek product linked to the spirit, philosophy and also the lifestyle in Greece. It is produced in Greece and is widely consumed (apart from Greece) in many other countries where it is particularly popular.

How is ouzo produced?

For the production of ouzo, ethanol (spirit) is mixed with different aromatic herbs, amongst which aniseed is always used. Ouzo (contrary to tsipouro) usually has a small percentage of grape distillates. According to legislation, this percentage should be at least 20%. However, ouzo is also produced as a distilled product and in great quantities.

Distillation is made in special distillers (boilers) which are preferably made of copper. After the ingredients have been mixed, the mixture is “boiled”, more than once.

Ouzo’s charm in general is due to the secret recipe that each producer has and which is passed as a heritage from one generation to another, leading to the creation of different tastes.

Is ouzo a Greek drink? Which areas are famous for the production of ouzo?
Since 1989 “Ouzo” has been listed as a Greek name and the drink may be produced and named this way only in Greece. Some places with a long tradition in the production of ouzo are the island of Lesvos, especially Plomari, Tyrnavos and Kalamata.

How is ouzo served?

Ouzo is served in small or thin tall glasses. It is drunk as is or with cool water and/or ice. By adding ice or water, the drink turns into a characteristic milky-white colour, which is caused by the aniseed it contains.
Ouzo is usually served together with appetizers such as cured meats or fish, olives, salads, etc.

What is ouzo’s alcohol volume ?

Ouzo usually has an alcoholic volume of 38-46%.


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