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Since 1940, the PILAVAS family produces ouzo, brandy and liqueur, faithfully following the same recipe for the past 3 generations: the best ingredients, double distillation, and hard work at each stage of the production with lots of patience.

There is however another "recipe” which is not going to change. According to this, each client is a valuable collaborator of the Company. The Company retains a strong relationship with its clients, wants to offer the best quality and takes care of even the last detail for their best service. With an established position in the Greek market and exports to nine European countries, PILAVAS remains a family business with a totally modern profile.



OUZO is the Company’s main product. The secret recipe of Nikos Pilavas who first distilled in the 1940s, says that it has to “rest” 2 to 3 months after its production, in order to gain the soft, easy drinking, authentic taste. It comes in 37 different packages. TENTOURA of PATRAS, this traditional Achaean liqueur is produced in Patras for over a century. It combines the aroma of clove, cinnamon and nutmeg with the unique taste of the extract of the Mavrodafni plant. It is enjoyed after meals for its digestive qualities, as well as in the night, as a shot or in cocktails. The Company’s liqueurs and brandy, are produced by the best ingredients in Greece and abroad, and stand out for their unique, refined taste.


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