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Welcome to our company’s website.


The aim of this document is to inform you about the terms and conditions governing the use of the website of the company with the trade name “VAS. KONTOS & CO G.P.”, and the distinctive title “AEGEAN INTERTRADE CO”(hereinafter “Aegean Intertrade”), being the website (hereinafter “the website”). The use of the website presupposes that the user unreservedly and fully accepts all the terms laid down herein.


The website addresses as users potential wholesale clients and not consumers or retail customers.




Aegean Intertrade makes every effort, wherever possible, to ensure that the information contained in the website for its products and the overall content of the website is precise, correct, clear, complete, accessible, well-timed and sufficient. However it does not guarantee in any manner whatsoever that all these goals are attained. 



In no case whatsoever can Aegean Intertrade be held liable for any kind of damage that the user of the website or any other third part might have suffered in whatever way from the use of the same or in any way connected directly or indirectly to the use of the website. 



All possible information on products and other details provided to the users through the website, to the extent that they do not involve Aegean Intertrade itself, are collected by Aegean Intertrade in a fair and legal way, in accordance with applicable law, and are provided to the website users exclusively and only for informative purposes.



Providing information through the website, with simple display and/or through subscribing and/or filling in and sending the template “favorite products” by the user, cannot in any case whatsoever be considered provision of consultation, recommendation or indeed offer, proposal or acceptance of proposal for concluding any contract or transaction with Aegean Intertrade.


The responsibility for the use, evaluation, assessment and utilization of information provided on each occasion is exclusively born by the website user. Likewise, every user takes any business or other decisions based on such information at his/her own individual responsibility, based on his/her exclusive discretion and private initiative.  Aegean Intertrade has no obligation to cover any likely damages from the use of the information provided anywhere on the website.




The information, the documents and the relevant graphics published on the website may contain technical inaccuracies or printing errors. This information is amended at regular intervals; Aegean Intertrade has the right to make additions, improvements and/or changes in the information described on the website and its content.



Aegean Intertrade reserves the right to make whatever changes at any time to its website, its commercial policy and the terms of use, at whatever time it deems necessary only by announcing them on the website; users should in each case check for likely changes and modifications of the website terms of use and if they continue to make use of it, it is considered evidence that they have accepted all the amendments that might have occurred




In no case whatsoever does Aegean Intertrade guarantee the continual and proper function of the website and its content in general. 


Despite the fact that it uses anti-virus software, which may cause damage to computers, Aegean Intertrade does not guarantee that the website operations and/or the servers and/or the sites, through which the users receive its content (the website content), will be completely free of any type of viruses and other applications, codes, files and programs, which may as mentioned above cause damage to computers and in no case whatsoever can it be held liable for any loss of data or any other damage including for instance direct, indirect, accidental, coincidental and consequential damage of the user or third parties, which is owed to either use or copy or download, either in the case of corruption or virus contamination or other illegal interventions of third parties on files and information available on the website. The user of the website has individually and wholly full and exclusive liability to protect his/her system from viruses and any other applications, codes, files or programs capable of causing any type of damage or malfunction to his/her electronic system in general and to any asset, which is in the possession or ownership of the same or a third party. 




The management and protection of the personal details of each website user is governed by the provisions of applicable law, as enforced, regarding the protection of personal data, the decisions of the competent Hellenic Data Protection Authority and the terms herein. 


In cases where users of the Aegean Intertrade website are channeled to third party websites through special links (for instance links, hyperlinks, banners), Aegean Intertrade has in no case whatsoever any liability regarding the terms of management, processing and protection of personal data that these third parties follow, as well as the observance or otherwise by these third parties of the relevant terms and applicable law. 


Every natural person – user whom the personal data concern has in whatever case, in accordance with article 12 of Law 2472/1997, the right to access, ie, the right to know if these (the personal data involving the same) undergo or have ever undergone processing. 


Moreover, the person being the object of these data has the right, in accordance with article 13 of Law 2472/1997, to raise in writing to Aegean Intertrade any objections regarding the processing of the data concerning it. The objections should contain a demand for a specific action, such as correction, temporary cease of use, commitment, no disclosure or erasure of the personal data. Aegean Intertrade should respond in writing as regards the objections within a strict deadline of fifteen days.




The website has been created and it is controlled by Aegean Intertrade. As regards its use and in general its operation Greek Law shall apply. Visitors to the website of Aegean Intertrade totally agree that the specific Terms of Use are subject to the Laws of the Greek State regarding any likely dispute, which is directly or indirectly related to the use and the operation of this website. The courts with jurisdiction to resolve any likely dispute, which is directly or indirectly linked to the operation of the website of Aegean Intertrade or owed to its operation, are the Courts of Athens. 


Nullity of any term whatsoever herein does not entail in whatever case nullity of the entirety of these Terms of Use. 


If you choose to access our website from another country, you have full and exclusive responsibility to comply with and abide by both Greek law and the Laws of this country also.




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