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Before World War II, Alexandros Kikizas owned one of the largest and better known grocery stores of Old Athens. However, his restless and innovate spirit predicted that what was considered as an “eccentricity” of some travelled Greeks who brought back with them or made at home the still unknown to the wider public "spaghetti”, would become a fashion. Thus, he started producing small quantities of pasta as a test initially, until the unbelievable acceptance by the public drove him to establish in 1947 the MELISSA – KIKIZAS company.


Today, it is the largest pasta production company in Greece and one of the most important food companies in the country. Since it was established until today, it has shown continuous development and expansion in different sectors. With international cooperation from the 1980s, MELISSA – KIKIZAS successfully got involved in other food sectors, and mostly in the tomato products sector (Pummaro Melissa).

The basic branch of the company’s activity is the production of semolina and pasta. The business has one of the largest vertically integrated pasta production complexes, located in the wheat producing region of Larissa, annually grinding more than 65,000 tons of hard wheat and producing more that 50,000 tons of pasta. This quantity amounts to nearly 2/3 of the total Greek pasta market.


Today the company owns one of the most complete food sales network in Greece, through which it markets its products. The basic brands under which the MELISSA – KIKIZAS pasta is known in the Greek market are: MELISSA, STELLA, the premium  PRIMO GUSTO range with many special pasta products, and TOMATO PRODUCTS, the traditional pasta range VLAHA, the old brand of Thessaly, DEVETA, and the No 1 brand of Thessaloniki, AVEZ. Another well know product is the MELISSA SEMOLINA, for making desserts at home.  


Its export activity is also important, since it exports 20% of its total production. The Food Service sales sector is particularly organised, and it covers the supply of hotels, restaurants and other mass catering units. There are 250 people employed at the company.



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